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  • Mar

    Activities in Birmingham

    There are a huge range of activities organised by parents for their home educated children. These include:

    Climbing at Redpoint

  • Apr

    Veggie Pride - B'ham 16th May

    Veggie PrideOn Saturday 16 May 2009, Victoria Square in Birmingham City Centre will be transformed by Veggie Pride UK - a fantastic celebration of vegetarian and vegan diets/lifestyles. It`s an opportunity for everyone following compassionate, eco-friendly, healthy lifestyles to come together for a fun, carnival style event whilst also raising awareneness of the many benefits - for human health, animals, environment etc.

  • Apr

    A Day in London

    T Rex

    We took the kids to London for the weekend and visited the Natural History and Science Museums with some friends on the Sunday.

    It was hot and busy but we all had fun. The Natural History Museum do some explorer packs complete with activity to do along with a safari hat and binoculars for the children to borrow.

  • Apr

    Sunflowers for Bees

    The sunflower seeds we got from the Save Our Bees campaign have sprouted and we will be transferring them outside soon.

  • Apr

    Physical activity may strengthen children's ability to pay attention

    The research, led by Charles Hillman, a professor of kinesiology and community health and the director of the Neurocognitive Kinesiology Laboratory at Illinois, suggests that physical activity may increase students' cognitive control – or ability to pay attention – and also result in better performance on academic achievement tests.

  • Apr

    Recording the first signs of spring

    Alfie thoroughly enjoys nature forays. He reports having seen a merganser down by the river, the flash of a kingfisher, and a heron, all perching and waiting, ready to dive.

    The 11-year-old and other members of the family look out for a heron regularly to be seen on a favourite perch, and also see other waterside birds.

    Taking part in Springwatch is something that can be built into everyday activities as Alfie, his mother Jane Harrison, and other members of the family have found.

  • Mar

    Foxton Locks

    Welcome to Foxton Locks - all the fun of the canals, set in the heart of rural South Leicestershire.

    Watch colourful narrowboats ascending the 'staircase' of ten locks, as their crews turn paddles and heave gates open to move their boats up the hill. Discover the wildlife in the side-ponds - ducks, herons, rare reeds and much more.

  • Mar

    Do It For Real - Summer Camps


    If you’re aged between 10 and 19 and haven’t been on a Do it 4 Real Summer Camp yet – you’ve definitely been missing out! Luckily Do it 4 Real camps are back this summer, so now’s your chance to find out what it’s all about... 

    About Camp

    This year our camps are bigger and better than ever before. From Action Adventure to Urban Vibe there’s sure to be something for you…

  • Mar

    Animal Antics

     A great afternoon meeting unusual animals. The kids all had a ball.

     Tarantule An Owl Chick

  • Mar

    Jacob's Ladder at Blackwell Court