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  • Mar

    Year of Astronomy 2009

    Welcome to the International Year of Astronomy in the UK!

    In 2009 the world celebrates the International Year of Astronomy to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Galileo's use of a telescope to study the night sky. 2009 is also the anniversary of many other important dates in the history of science, such as the publishing of Kepler's Astronomia Nova, Huygens' Systema Saturnium, and the first moon landing.

    For this celebration astronomers around the world are inviting people like you, and your friends and family, to look up in wonder at the night sky, and to seek out answers to some of life's biggest questions.

    This website will provide everything you need to know about what is happening in the International Year of Astronomy 2009 in the UK, making the Universe yours to discover!

  • Mar

    A Reply to my FOI Request

     I have received a partial reply to my second Freedom of Information request to Birmingham LA regards the current Review of Home Education. I am not yet satisfied and have asked for further clarification.

  • Mar

    Mum's one in a million

    She is a single mum of three children and yet still finds time to look after people and animals in need. EMMA HARROWING meets the mum who could be hailed as the 'Mother of South Norfolk'. 

    It's nine in the morning and while most children are settling down to a day in the classroom, seven year old Jamie Sinclair contemplates what he wants to do with his day. 

  • Mar

    Meeting with Graham Badman at Blackwell Court

    A meeting between Graham Badman and home educating families took place on 19th March at the monthly meeting at Blackwell Court. See the links for more details.

  • Mar

    Arts Class - Green Men on the Trees

    The children (and some of the adults) had great fun making 'Green Man' faces with air drying clay on the trees.

     A Furry Face

  • Mar

    B'ham's Reply to the Badman Review

     It is deeply shocking and insulting.

    I have made a FOI request to find out where they have got the figures that the majority of HE parents are not providing a suitable education.

  • Mar

    Government launch 'independent review' of Home Ed

     On 19th January 2009 the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) launched an Independent Review of Home Education headed by Graham Badman. This included a short online consultation for anyone and a 60 question consultation purely for local authorities.

  • Mar

    B'ham LA publish updated guidance for new home educators

    Elective Home Education - Guidance Notes

    Birmingham LA have produced some new guidance notes (see attachment) that they are sending to new HE families. However these notes are ultra vires (literally outside the law) and assume powers that they do not have. I have picked out the worst paragraphs and commented on what is wrong and what the actual law says.

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